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Demo Day #1

First day home with the new baby

A week and a half ago we picked up our lil baby Vintage Shasta off the side of the road. The former owner bought it new in 1961 and camped in it for almost 60 years! It's had a wonderful life as a camper, and now it's time for Act 2: Food Truck Edition.

First, check out the original interior. It was kept in near pristine condition since its original purchase.

Original Sink and Propane Oven

The "Living Room"

Cabinets just waiting to be ripped out

After ogling the vintage beauty for several days, it was finally time to start demolition! We started with taking off all of the cabinet doors and unscrewing the cabinets from the wall. This may not seem like much of a feat, but when a screw has been actively rusting for 60 years, and painted over multiple times, it does NOT want to come out.

Angela wielding power tools

The wood rot is becoming more apparent

Next step was to get the stove out, meaning disconnecting the propane line. Again, shouldn't be a big deal, but the lines were so rusted it took some major elbow grease.

Finally, we knocked out a full wall of cabinets. Dead bugs were flying. Nails coming from places nails shouldn't have been. Good times.

Lastly, day one demo treasures! We were honestly hoping to find something super grisly, but this shovel and axe were close enough.

That's it for day one! We'll be back at it tomorrow, taking out the bathroom and plumbing. Wish us luck!

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