Cinnamon Rolls (8)

Cinnamon Rolls (8)


Moxie's began with our Bun Box and the concept of elevating simple comfort food with seasonal and local flavors.  Our cinnamon rolls are made with a sweet dough that we roll with scratch fillings and jams that we couple with complimentary icing.  If you have a favorite flavor combo, contact us direct and we can work to make it happen! 


Pecan Pie: Inspired by our favorite holiday pie. A traditional pecan cinnamon roll with a gooey caramel topping loaded with more pecans. 


Pumpkin Pecan: Filled with our pumpkin pie filling with chopped pecans then topped with pumpkin spice icing. 


Caramel Apple: Filled with thinly sliced fresh green apple + heaps of brown sugar and cinnamon then topped with Moxie's scratch caramel sauce. 


Mexican Hot Cocoa: A chocolate dough rolled with vegan vanilla marshmallows, a slightly spicy brown sugar mix and then 
topped with our scratch chocolate sauce and more marshmallows. 


Orange: Filled with Moxie's scratch orange marmalade and topped with an icing infused with fresh orange juice + zest. 


Banana Biscoff: Filled with carmelized banana and topped with a biscoff icing. 


Raspberry Lemon: Filled with our scratch raspberry jam and topped with icing infused with fresh lemon juice + zest


Blueberry Lemon: Filled with our scratch blueberry jam and topped with icing infused with fresh lemon juice + zest


Moxie's is open from Wednesday thru Sunday. Lead time is generally 24 Moxie's business hours (1 day), depending on when the order is placed, for buns to be shipped or picked up from the food truck. 


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