Moxie's Famous Brownies

Moxie's Famous Brownies


Get yourself a whole pan full of our delicious brownies.  


Classic Fudge is Moxie's version of the childhood classic. A fudge brownie topped with a chocolate ganche and star sprinkles. 


Spicy PB features a layer of our famous cayenne-infused peanut butter icing then topped with a chocolate ganache. 


Raspberry has fresh raspberries folded into the filling and then topped with a raspberry swirled ganache. These are more fudge-like than cake-like. Be prepared, they are messy but delicious! 


Salted Caramel features Moxie's lucious salted caramel atop our brownie and is topped with a caramel swirl chocolate ganache. 


Payday features a thick layer of peanut laden caramel atop our brownie. 


Oreo Crumble features a fudge ganache with oreo crumb, similar to that in an ice cream cake, atop our brownie. 


Comes with 9 large brownies. Moxie's is open Wednesday - Sunday. Lead time on a pan of brownies is 1 -2 Moxie's business days before shipment or pick-up at food truck. 


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